DIY: Cork Laptop Sleeve

bf165df2ca5936cba85ade6849c61200A while ago my dear boyfriend, acquired a new love in his life, his dream laptop. In typical male fashion, when one gadget has been added to the cave others will soon follow and the existing ones need to be outfitted and accessorized. According to this we males and females have more in common than we think.

So as soon as his laptop arrived, he was searching for a laptop case. The problem here in Korea seemed to be a definite lack in options for laptop bags in a 15 inch size.Also it seems that the only laptop cases available for a 15 inch laptop were designed for Macbooks , which is incredibly ironic as we find ourselves in the land were Samsung is supposed to reign king over the seven kingdoms of technology.

What was there to be done? We’ll make one of course. My fantastically talented boyfriend made the following laptop sleeve  and this is how he did it:


3X Sheet of crafting cork (Size adjustable to the size of your  laptop)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  5X Sheet of Felt ( Thinnest and/or softest you can find)

1X Roll of crafting yarn ( I just bought a lot for future use. Keep in mind that the yarn that you will use may break when working with the cork,so try to have too much , rather than too little yarn)

Stuffing:  The same kind you find in stuffed animals or quilts. You will need two sheets that are the size of your cork and felt

1X Big sturdy sewing needle

1X Pair of suspenders ( Not the sexy lingerie kind, the leather strap grandpa kind)  for using as fasteners for your sleeve.

Some paper clamps to keep pieces together.

Optional 1X Girlfriend with a sewing machine to stitch felt together


Step 1:

Take a sheet of cork, felt and stuffing as big as the sheets. Line them up perfectly , with the stuffing in the middle. Keep three layers together with heavy duty paper clamps.


Decide on what you want your arrows to look like. I made small arrows. Take the appropriate amount of yarn and sew all fours corners together, this will help with controlling  the materials during the next steps.Take care not to have too much stuffing sticking out from the sides, as this will leave more to clean- up later, keep this in mind through the whole process.

Step 3:

Choose a side to begin with I chose the width and not the length as I wanted more detail on the width of the sleeve. Break your sheet down in sections, I chose four equal sections. You can alter the design to whatever you like. Use a fine pencil and draw your design on the felt. I drew straight lines to guide me while sewing. Remember to use a sufficient amount of yarn as the yarn that I used kept breaking. Start on one side of your sheet and work towards the end of the sheet, continue in the same manner with the other line to ensure a uniform design.

Step 4:

Repeat the same process above with the length of your sheet. Here I wanted three lines. Again work from one side to the other, it makes controlling the stuffing easier.

Steps 1-4

Step 5:

Do the same for the second part of your sleeve.

Step 6:

Take two pieces of felt for the inner sleeve, this is for extra protection for your laptop, it also doubles as an inside compartment for notebook and other essentials. Simply stitch, three sides of the felt together, or ask your girlfriend to do it and leave one side open for your laptop to fit into.

Step 7:

You now have three individual pieces that need to be sen together in a sturdy fashion . I used the existing needle holes to do a thread for the complete sleeve and followed it by making a pattern by only threading through every fifth hole.

Step 8:

You should now have a laptop sleeve without a flap. Before adding the flap, make sure your laptop fits. Now Repeat steps 1 to 4, but your only using one piece of felt and one piece of cork to make the flap, no stuffing.

Step 9:

Take your completed flap and fit it to your sleeve. Put your laptop into your sleeve, choose the side that you want as it back and slide your flap in between the felt and cork. Line it up just like you wand it, by closing the flap and seeing what please you most in an aesthetic manner. Now, you sew it to the back of the sleeve again using the existing holes to guide you locking your design choices into position. A simple thread worked perfectly.

Step 10:

Take your suspenders apart leaving only the parts you want to use.

Step 11:

Position the pieces where you would want them.I used the yarn lines on the front and back . When sewing the pieces, make sure you sew it nice and sturdy, to prevent future tearing. Use existing needle holes while sewing and find the best way to fasten the suspender pieces.

Step 12:Do a bit of clean up. Trim away any rouge pieces of yarn and stuffing and enjoy the feeling of having made something with your own two hands for the fraction of the exorbitant  cost that any store would ask of you.

FFinal product front and back

-Kobus Visser

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