Pretty, PINK, perfection

I believe in pink! Audrey Hepburn so famously said and I’m kind of starting to see where she was coming from with that statement…

Most of us adore the color in the  form of an arrangement of flowers, a pretty accessory, a coffee mug or on a little girl. It’s cute , it’s flirty, it’s definitely not the most serious color. Even if sometimes, it really tries hard to be. Some of us love to adorn ourselves in pink lipstick in any shade from a decisively nineties bubble gum, a lovely coral blush or a striking and sophisticated glossy cherish pink. I for one have always stayed away form this color associated with the feminine ways, pigtails and candy floss, partly because I am terrified of wearing it and more seriously I think I might have overdone it when I was little.

So, for the most part of my teens and young adult life, the color pink has been left for nails, both toe and finger, peonies, pajamas, lingerie, stationary, gift and bath products, that is up till recently. One of my favorite designers Zac Posen, whom I absolutely adore, persuaded my otherwise when I saw an array of pink garments in his S/S 2013 show.He is the new Valentino in every sense of the word. he takes the understanding of the female body that Valentino has, with the sexiness of Versace and  mixes it up with a fine sprinkle of the delicate whimsy that I associate with Dior and he delivers clothing, that seems to have transformative powers on the women who wear it. Sophisticated, feminine, goddess worthy gowns is what comes from his house. Back on track, PINK. Needless to say I fell in love with the dresses and simultaniously my love for pink started to rear its head again. That and the fantastic winter trend of pink coats, which I will do a piece on later, had me rethinking how we use pink in our lives.

As I mentioned before, pink is sometimes associated with the girly things in life and not necessarily the ‘grown-up’ parts., but I was truly amazed by the use of pink furniture in homes, across the globe. Pink is hitting the decor scene in a similar way as the fashion scene. Just like in fashion, where we see the pink coat trend , in decor we see the emergence of adding a striking feminine blush centerpiece to your lounge or living room in the from of a fantastically pink sofa. Just like each of our homes  have a different and unique style, the styles, colors and sizes of these lovely pink ladies vary to suite your needs. Styling a pink sofa, might be the most difficult part of the process, if you are not a Hello Kitty, everything pink kind of girl and especially if you share your home with a male significant other. But fear not, it’s completely do able.

I suggest picking a sofa, in a light shade of pink. I would ideally pick a light, almost dirty looking coral pink sofa in a elegant and timeless style. A sofa with clean lines and little fuss. A sofa is usually one of the most expensive pieces of furniture that u purchase for your living room and if you purchase it in an ageless style, you can easily have it reupholstered in a different color if you grow tired of the color. Keep the rest of your room free from pink,the pink sofa will be enough of a talking point, no need to embellish the rest of you room with the same color.

Pink is really a versatile, interesting and fun color to work with on a large scale in your home. The investment in a sofa is a big and something that is not to be taken lightly, but I firmly believe that the fabulousnes that a pink sofa will add to your living room, will justify the expenditure.

Pink sofa’s on sale:

Chairish Linen Sofa, price available on website

Chairish Linen Sofa, price available on

98-sculpted-sofa-in-the-style-of-t-h-robsjohn-gibbings-for-widdicomb. Price available on request

98-sculpted-sofa-in-the-style-of-t-h-robsjohn-gibbings-for-widdicomb. Price available on

Gilt Ottoman Rusty Rose-Gilt .com

Gilt Ottoman Rusty Rose-Gilt .com

Ikea, Friheten , corner sofa-bed, Skiftebo cerise-

Ikea, Friheten , corner sofa-bed, Skiftebo cerise-

Pair of 1970's Corbeille Sofas with Scalloped Back

Pair of 1970’s Corbeille Sofas with Scalloped

Tufted Rusty Rose settee-

Tufted Rusty Rose settee-

Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist, Paradise

Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist, Paradise

Be bold, be daring and mostly enjoy yourself!!Go,pink!

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