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DIY Felt laptop case

Previously I posted instructions of a laptop case my boyfriend made, amazingly detailed and very well thought through. I on the other hand am not as methodical as my lovely bf. What follows is my instructions on how to make a padded felt laptop case.

What you need:

  • 5 Pieces of felt, any colour that you like
  • thread
  • pins
  • padding
  •  scissors
  • sewing machine

What you need

Step 1:

Take two pieces of felt and put the stuffing inside. Stitch the sides together in a way that the edges are on the inside. I stitched the pieces together with a contrasting color to add detail. I stitched the flap for the bag between the two pieces of felt and padding on the end that will be up. Next I folded the edges of the flap into a triangle and stitched them together  to form a pattern.

Step 2:

I repeated step one with the second two pieces of felt and padding.

Step 3:

I measured out a criss cross pattern on the two separate pieces of felt and stitched it with contrasting thread.

I opted to make the different sides of the case two different colours and I used the same contrasting thread.


After completing sewing the pattern into the two sides, I sewed the two sides together , ensuring that the rough edges were tucked away on the inside of the case.Finally all that was needed to be done was to sew away any loose threads. The result is a unique light weight and yet durable laptop case. Which provide protection for my laptop.

4 thoughts on “DIY Felt laptop case

    • Hehe thank you!I love bunnies and the T-shirt had three on it,so it just made so much sense!I bought it in Korea,most of Korean fashion is incredibly cute and so unique .So great finds like these are everywhere!


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