Comfortably catching sights in Cambodia

As I sit here in my snow covered apartment, with layer upon layer of clothes , I bask in the memories of my recent Cambodian vacation. Fashion for me during 2013-2014, has been all, but easy. Coming from South Africa, where temperatures are usually  flirting fabulously in the 30’s, you basically wear, what you want, when you want it, how you want it. So to live in Korea was a huge adjustment in a culture filled with contradictions, I found it incredibly difficult to dress according to my personal style, also the fact that I work with kids everyday, makes it that little harder to be the feisty vixens that you know you are.

Being a small chested girl, I have never shown a lot of cleavage , but I do like to show my toned arms and back and I’m definitely not prudish and I like to wear shorts and a variety of skirts.So to go from an anything kind of goes environment, to grown-ups and children shrieking out loud if you show your shoulders, I found getting dress stressful and completely without the fun and whimsy that it used to have back home. So basically in Korea, your upper body should be covered and when I say covered, closed up to your collarbone! UNCOMFORTABLE! Also shoulders should be covered, but you can wear short shorts that barely covers your down-below and no one will blink twice. That was my summer here.

When I decided to visit Cambodia , I thought , misguidedly , that I would be able to indulge in my fantasy of a tropical summer wardrobe for the occasion, but alas, no mini skirts, slinky dresses and short shorts… it was long skirts, long pants and conservative dressing all the way, which I respected and enjoyed. Not only was my wardrobe, functional, colorful and appropriate, but it made me feel somewhat like my old self. My Cambodian fashion adventure did not have a lot of variety , due to luggage constraints, but here are a few snaps, to show what I looked like while exploring the glorious wonders of  one of the greatest places on earth.

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