Outfit of the day: Surprise Snow day

I woke to tingling excitement in the air, when everything outside my window was a deafening silence and the beautiful lace that fell from the sky, made me smile… I knew a snow day was upon us. before coming to Korea, I had dreams of numerous lazy days, being spent in a white , wet haze of little flakes falling from the sky, sadly this winter has not delivered the ‘promised’ amount of snow and today’s snowfall is only the second heavy snowfall of the season. So out with my teacher’s attire for the day and on with my adopted style in my adopted country.

Today, I wore,  a pair of last season’s black jeggings, from Woolworths South Africa. A white beanie and scarf that I picked up at a street vendor in Seoul, together with my no-name  ‘bunny’ sweatshirt. An E-felling parka that I got on G-Market. Some K-Way gloves and light brown leather boots, that I was recommended to buy and take to Korea, but which is definitely not my style and they have sadly only been worn about three times this year.So this was me today! Enjoy!

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