Two days ,Two looks, One coat


Over the Lunar I went to Seoul for two days, to experience what the big city had to offer. This was also a chance to sport one of the new coats that I purchased using Korean online shopping. I’ve had more misses than hits with using online shopping, especially when it comes to clothes… something is always wrong, either the proportions or length. Korean woman are small framed , but luckily I have had no big problem with fitting into their smalls and mediums, which their clothes tend to come in. Despite that I have kept my shopping to a minimum. Which I am now deeply regretting as I am leaving this cutesy fashion mecca in two weeks!

So here goes my story. I purchased, four coats over G-Market recently, a parka, a ‘long’ camel coat, a dark grey wool coat and a ‘pink’ coat… Or so I thought. The first three items I was over the moon with and considering that all four my purchases came in under 100 dollars, made me even more excited. The bargain hunter inside me was congradulating herself. The last of my purchases unfortunately failed to make the grade. On the website, the coat that stole my heart, was a lovely cotton candy pink confection that made me think of spring, flushed cheeks and strawberry ice cream, but the one that arrived at my door, was significantly lacking in that department. I have been lusting over all the lovely pink coats that I have seen on the runways and streets  and I have been planning on how to style it. My pink coat was unfortunately not destined to live up to its name. Mycoat is a lovely coral pink and nothing like the baby pink lovelies that I adored. Despite the colour thing, I am absolutely satisfied with the cut and fit of my coat. That is why I chose it, to take with me to Seoul for the weekend. I am a light traveler and always try to take as little with me as possible. That’s the reason why in the photo’s that follow, you’ll see accessories worn twice. What I wore on day 0ne ;Pink Coat by , The real Coco, bought on G-Market, Chelsea boots, H&M. Dark Mustard jeggings, H&M.Textured light pink shirt , Korean No-name brand.Handbag. Milnerton Flea Market. Grey scarf, street vendor, underground mall in Seoul . Day two: Navy sweater, Pick and Pay clothing . Navy Skirt Korean shop, No name brand. Sunglasses,Forever 21  ans some Hanbok, traditional Korean clothes.Enjoy!                                                                                                                                     Day 1:


000_0060 000_0063



Day 2:


000_0257 000_0446

000_0295 000_0670

Seoul Hanbok000_0296

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