Literally Lusting Literature!!

Finally its fashionable to be a nerd!Wear your literary loves for the world to see! Your bookshelf can be your constant companion. Dust of your English Literature major reading list, grab a pen and piece of paper to start writing…not your long awaited debut novel, but the far easier, shopping list!

The book clutch has long been a detail in many a fashion follower’s ensemble. Instantly adding a touch of whimsy and conversation to an everyday outfit. It first doned the arms of fashion bloggers in 2012 and from there onwards it has graced the pages of  glossies and red carpets alike, continuously sparking interest about these delicacies.  Reinvigorate your favorite ‘novel’ by pairing it with your favorite off the shoulder dress and a pair of strappy sandals or smoulder in a haze of smoke in a poetry bar with a copy of  Lamore on your lap.

Be your tastes classical, modern , romantic or adventurous, I’m sure the queens of book clutches, Olympis Le Tan and Kate Spade will have what you’re looking for. If their prices are to steep as they are for me, look at the DIY optoins. I am definitely going to be doing that myself. So don’t hesitate, check out your favorite and enjoy anew. Maybe just, you’ll be inspired to reread the beloved pages of some of the world’s literary giants.

Clutches I covet

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