Trendy Tortoise Shell

It is true that the most beautiful prints come from nature. Our wardrobe staples of leopard and zebra come from the African Savanna. This is why it is in no way surprising that the following trend has its origins on the back of some easy going ocean dwellers.Tortoiseshell, or tortie in a commercial sense, is a mottled brown, black and sometimes orange pattern, often made of plastic, which is used to make a variety of products. Tortoise shell has long been a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. The understated element of surprise and class that this item brings to an ensemble is well worth the effort of finding that perfect piece of tortoise to embellish yourself with.
The history of the use of tortoise shell in fashion is long and rich.The earliest use of tortoiseshell dates back to decorative uses in China and Japan. Often, a whole turtle shell was lacquered and used as a bowl. The Ancient Greeks and early Romans also used it in jewelry, to back hairbrushes and in hair ornaments. Tortoiseshell bases its design on the shell markings of the hawksbill turtle, and initially it was made from the turtle.Luckily for the world’s turtle population , we silly human’s realised that we’ll destroy the world’s hawksbil population if we continued on the way we were going. From the 1920’s onward most of the tortoise shell products were and still are made from celluloid or another type of plasctic. Now we can enjoy the trend guilt free and feel happy in the knowledge that we are indulging in a trend that our  great grandmothers, grandmothers and  mothers also wore proudly.

There is a vast array of items that will fit your style and budget. The most popular are by far earrings, clutches and bangles. I love the use of it in shoes and a little sprinkle of it in your house. So feel free to have a look at the items that I like.

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