DIY / Fashion

Ripped jeans and Mario kind of day

As the snow melts and the days slowly get warmer, I’m braving the cold in some knee showing ripped jeans. These little babies I made myself. I simply took a pair of boyfriend jeans, that I have grown tired of and started hacking away at them a knife and a cheese grater! Yes, a cheese grater, moving the grater along the freshly cut jean, added delicious grayed edges and a little worn in look. I paired the freshly jazzed -up jeans with a pair  of dark grey H&M platform booties, a white  polka dot chiffon blouse, form Pick and Pay clothing under one of my boyfriend’s T-shirts that he bought in Cambodia and my fantasticly warm grey coat form, The Real Coco. My earrings are handmade , from a little shop in Myeongdong , Seoul, The Silk Button. It’s this gorgeous little hole in the wall that gets more foot traffic than a Starbucks during the morning rush. All of the earrings are handmade and the shop not only carries earrings in all shapes and sizes, but other accessorize too. It’s definitely a true little gem in a mass produced world.

Now for my absolute favorite thing about my outfit, my little man, Mario! This little guy is a laptop case slash sometimes clutch, that my o-so-clever boyfriend whipped up! All handmade, by hi! I just helped with the sewing. So here is what I wore in the streets of Gangneung today!

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