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Charly’s Bakery

In this fantastically vibrant,diverse and all round relaxed city that I get to call home, Cape Town, you often find yourself with an abundance of eateries, pubs, shops and the most delectable nooks and crannies to choose from.

A new addition to my blog will be to showcase some of the places in and around Cape Town, where I like to spend my well deserved and all too short weekends. So here I start… Charly’s Bakery! This is a local favorite! This landmark situated in District 6, 38 Canterbury Street .  With its brightly decorated walls, painted recycled tyres and over the top blushing blooms welcoming patrons too its doors, this place is an intoxication of the senses from the moment you lay eyes on it.

Even the most bitter of sceptic’s can’t help but smile and be in some sense of wander as you cross over into the hustle and bustle of this sugary ,butter cream filled paradise. The bakery that we all know for their  heavenly tasting and tongue in cheek branded cupcakes, exquisitely decorated cakes and ballsy woman who are always feverishly decorating up a storm in front of your eyes have been around for quite some time.The story of Charly’s Bakery is one that reminds us of the value of family, to always believe in your dreams and that a whole lotta work and a helluva lot of gees can deliver something truly special and uniquely South African. The story of Charly’s Bakery started with a boy, Charley who grew up in Swakopmund,Namibia, where he learned the ways of  baking delectable delights from the famous German pastry chefs that made this place home. Here he met his lovely wife from South Africa and form their marriage some lovely girls were born. In 1989 they opened Charly’s bakery and from then on the bakery has gone from strength to strength . Keeping it all in the family, the business is run by  the family matriarch with her daughters and staff ensuring that they deliver the most fantastical fabulous cakes to clients.

The lovely ladies of the bakery even starred in there own reality show in 2011, which can still be viewed on You Tube, Charly’s Cake Angels gave us an insight into the inner workings of this pandora’s box, detailing the every day running of the business and showing us what goes into the creation of the jeweled treasures that we so earnestly carry to our cars in prettiest of pretty pink boxes. These ladies and their staff literally  are literally the soul of this bakery and from watching them and who they are it is clear why Capetonians can’t get enough of there bakes.

Charly’s motto is innovate don’t imitate and the more you give the more you get. Basically if you can think it, these ladies can bake it. One of a kind master pieces fly from the oven racks in this , Willy Wonka- ish wonderland! It amazes young and old  alike and is definitely nothing like the bazaar lemon cakes that gran used to make.

After my first traumatic and not so fun work week in the city, I needed a massive pick-me-up! Charly’s was my first port of call! With stars in my eyes and a smile in my heart I entered this heavenly place. It smelled  like home baking, it felt like I was in a dream and locals and tourist alike were lining up, to get some sweet treats. The baker, which is not that big was pregnant with people, all pushing to have a look at the delights on offer, all wanting to take a picture of the amazing interior and cakes that line the walls.  I almost automaticly zoomed in on the cookie monster cupcakes, two ”monsters”, one pink and one blue were selected, paid and devoured in the parking lot non the less! Disappointed I was not! Cupcakes that are as big as your hand, as sweet as candy and as pretty as can be made my day!

My recommendation goes to Charly’s as best cupcakes in Cape Town. Even if sweet bakes are not your taste, there are lovely savoury eats to choose from, and you can take in the fantastic surrounds.Have a look at Charly’s Bakery’s website,, see what they have to offer, read- up about the ladies and what they do and most importantly if you are in Cape Town, go have a look , treat yourself and enjoy it!

Go do it!

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