Home in the rainbow nation!!!

To start  a story, with and apology is not the best way,obviously. As a Afrikaans, South African this the way that I start most sentences, specifically the ones,where I have to work with people in the service industry. This is us, always apologising, apologising for asking someone to do their job, apologising for inconveniencing them and sometimes just apologising for apology’s sake. Well here is mine to you, my dear readers!

On 5 MArch 2014, my boyfriend and I made our way back to SA after spending 2013 in South Korea.  After a year of teaching English, I started my new job as a candidate attorney in Cape Town. To say that since returning to SA , that I have not had time to myself, is a complete and total understatement, to illustrate  this point, I don’t have a home yet! Luckily for me the good part of coming home is that I get to stay in the great mother city of ,Cape Town. This city is filled with magical views, people and places all around, here is never a dull moment!

So I have been silent on my blog for WAY toooooooo long and hopefully this won’t happen again soon! My goal is too bring you more of my outfits, my hangouts and all the pretty places  that I visit! So, here is to enjoying Cape Town together and hopefully too me not keeping my mouth shut for too long again.

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