6 Shades of loveliness

Every girl knows that day after day , week after week, our moods are never the same. Some days we are laid back and relaxed, just in the mood to curl and relax with a cup of coffee and a good book. Other days we are feisty , fiery and ready for some fun!
Luckily for us there is this thing that we call lipstick, that little tube in your make -up bag,that is there to fit every mood that we might have!

Lipstick can be an instant pick-me-up. Nothing gives you that little extra oomph in your step like putting on your favorite shade of Revlon, seeing how it compliments your features!It can take your look from frumpy to refreshed. From outdated to edgy.

To me lipstick is the one make -up item, that has the power to make you look put together, even if you have done almost nothing with the rest of your look!

Today, I’ll share my six current favorites!
1.Revlon,Color Burst, lip butter No 065 Creamsicle. I am completely smitten with this lip butter. The subtle color and rich creamy texture makes my lips look and feel extra soft.The light fragrance, almost like caramel is delicious enough to makeme want to go buy some fudge. I like because its so light and easy wearing and it goes with everything, as the color just adds some sheen to my lips.

2.Maybeline Moisture renew lipstick, Rosetto No.215 Sweetheart Tulips.I absolutely adore this color as it makes me feel like someone out of a Jane Austin book. The lovely light pink colour is extremely complimentary to my skin tone. It softens my look and adds a little bit of romance to my normal make -up routine. I also love it, because it smells just like my moms lipstick that I used to play with, when I was little.

3. The Face Shop, Creamy Matte, PNK 102. This little guy has been on my blog before and who can blame me? I simply can’t get enough of this smile inducing shade of fantastic! This amazing matte wonder goes on and stays. It is vibrant and lively and great for days when you want to have fun with your look!

4. Rimmel,Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate No12. This delectable shade of orange took me by surprise. I have always loved orange on other people, but have never had the guts to try it for myself, until I saw this one in the shop a couple of weeks ago. I must start by saying that I am in love with the Kate Moss range of lipsticks for Rimmel. The textures , finishes and colors are on trend, affordable and effortless. I think what really won me over with this shade of orange,was the fact, that it was a lovely vintage, matte shade of tangerine.

5.Essence No3 Dear to Wear. This is my ultimate bargain buy! This is a little cherry pop of color, that reminds you of summer fruits!Its texture is very smooth and very moisturising, but it doesn’t stay put, at all. So be warned!

6. Rimmel, Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate, No.107. This must be my ultimate, favorite of favorite lipsticks! This deep red , almost ox blood creation, smooths instant sophistication onto your lips. I kind of feel that I should be dresseThis lipstick is day dream material, galore! Its just the best!

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