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A place to call home

The journey to becoming a ‘grown -up ‘ is apparently a lot harder than I thought. My boyfriend and I have been back in the country for a little over four months now and it took us about three of those four to find an apartment which was suitable for our needs.

After all the months of looking, hopelessness and pure frustration, we were extremely fortunate to find a lovely,older apartment, slap bang in the middle of Tamboerskloof! With Table Mountain at our backs and Lions Head as our next door, neighbor, we are really happy with where we are now.

So, now the real fun can begin. Decorating! I plan to take you through a tour of our apartment as we decorate step by step.So first up is our living room. Basically our philosophy when it comes to buying things for our flat is simple. We only buy things that we really like. Unfortunately for us the things we like are often out of our budget, but this makes decorating all the more fun!

Our taste leans to mid century modern, which in itself puts us in the position of not being able to buy our furniture at a convenient chain store or mall.Luckily for us, Cape Town is full of interesting nooks and crannies filled with great finds and real conversation starters, which suite our taste.

Here are some of our finds and what we plan too do with them. Firstly our gorgeous, out-of-this- world- couch! This fantastic vinyl beauty, is from Anouk Furniture and Decor in Roeland Street. The owner employs scouts to search the country side for interesting pieces to fill her fabulous shop. It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for that one of a kind piece that you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else. The owner has a great eye for what her clientele wants and its service with a smile. They also offer full upholstery services to add that personal touch to your purchase. Our couch is in its original state. We will reupholster the pillows, with nice grainy ash grey linen, just to make it fit with the rest of our design plan.

The large, table/stand is an old nursery potting table. This we picked up at the Woodstock Co-op in Lower Main Road. This shop, is full of different designer and an antique shop, where we bought our table.This will act as a display shelf, and counter for eating, as we have limited space. The only thing that we are really struggling with now, is finding barstools that fit. We are looking for vintage drafting chairs, but they are proving hard to find.

We purchased a display cabinet, at Antiques on Kloof , which we’re going to paint with chalk paint. My boyfriend collects old cameras and we’re going to show them there.Unfortunately the glass of the middle shelves broke as the cabinet was being moved to our apartment.

I purchased the printer’s tray at the Milnerton Market. This will be made into a coffee table.

As most of our furniture and decor items are very colourful, we will keep the soft furnishings in neutral colours and subdued prints, but we like a little something different,so I’m not making any promises!

I look forward to sharing the end product with you and the rest of our adventures in decorating.

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