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Lady in a blue dress

On a specially rare sunny day in autumn one of my friends,tied the knot in the picturesque town of Porterville, in the West Coast.

Weddings are my ultimate social experience. Not only are they wonderfully special occasions where two people declare their love for one another in front of all of their loved ones, they are also an opportunity for us as guest to dress up a little. Abandon the dust of the everyday life and dress up a little. Shine a little. Feel a little special.

I always envy my grandparents generation.The generation, where you dressed up to go to the movies, to take a plane. Where it was an event to go out for dinner.To have drinks or tea. I always feel that in this fast paced society , where everything is instant and automated, we have lost all the romance of the rituals of social interacting. Men don’t wear ties, when they pick up their dates anymore and for us girls, our hatpins, gloves and petticoats have long been abandoned.

So this is the reason why every chance I get I grab my sewing machine and make myself something special. So here will follow the duck egg blue, dress, Nunkilief dress, I made for my friend’s wedding. This was also the first time,I tried my hand at making a a handbag.

I made my clutch from off cut light blue suede that I bought from Woodheads, in Caledon Street, Cape Town. They are the oldest leather merchants in South Africa and stock everything that you will ever need to do anything with leather. It’s an absolute treat to visit them. You can literally almost find any color and type of leather that you can think of there. As I was buying off cuts, I simply chose what I wanted and put it into a bag, had it weighed and off I went, ready to start sewing.

For my dress, I wanted something comfortable, different and a little sexy! I liked the outcome and plan to use the pattern I made to make a jumpsuit later on.


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