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Nunkilief capsule collection

Wintery weather calls for coats and prints! I have long toyed with the idea of making a little collection for myself. As you’ll see it’s very basic., but its just a start. Hopefully, more will soon follow. I made a peplum white and black check top with matching pants and three coats, one for every occasion! The pictures were taken in three famous locations in Cape Town.

Fist the Bo-Kaap, this neighborhood with its cheery, brightly painted houses on the slopes of signal hill ,tells the story of the history of slavery in South Africa with many of the residents being descendant of slaves from Indonesia, Malaysia. This area will give you insight into the culture of the people of Cape Town,its unlike anywhere else in the city. Experience the friendliness and hospitality of its residents, all while enjoying the tastes of authentic Cape Malay cooking.

St Georges Mall in Cape Town, is known for shopping stalls , the Thursday produce market and St Georges Cathedral at the top of it. This street has been a buzz with activity since Cape Town as we know it has been around. The street went through several transformation through its life. First it was prime real estate for the well to do in the city. Later it transformed into the commercial and financial district that we know today.It has also long been the chosen address of the Cape Times and Argus Newspapers.

The Company Gardens. I literally walk through this garden everyday of the week.The little green artery of the city is a get away for many of us Capetonians, who would like to take a breath of fresh air and unwind during our lunch breaks. It’s a place where all of Cape Town comes together just to enjoy the city. The garden is as old as Cape Town self, with Jan van Riebeeck establishing it in the same year as he first started the colony. Today it is no longer the vegetable patch that it was intended to be, it no longer provides food to passing by ships, but it does provide a little soul food, to act as sustenance for the day.The gardens house Parliament, the Iziko Natioinal Art Gallery, the Museum of Natural History, St Georges Cathedral, The National Libray an aviary and various statues.Its definitely worth the visit.

7 thoughts on “Nunkilief capsule collection

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  2. absolutely love everything on your blog! such an insperation for all the smalltown people. life is absolutely what you make of it and you proved it all . ns


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