Passionate about patterns

For the love of all things paisley , polka dotty, swirly and zig-zaggy, patterns have long been a firm favorite in many a fashionista’s closet. With the new season, comes a new take on some of our most beloved fashion staples.

The crowd pleasers are still firmly with us, as polka dots in all of their wonderful sizes, colours and even textures make a big splash this coming spring/summer. Another trend that has become more of ‘neutral’ than and accent is lace.Lace is back, with a bang! Not that it really left for that long… Lovely pastel shades of delicate fabric, showing and revealing all at once were seen on runways all around. Now I’m not talking the frumpy bold patterned lace of season’s past. I am talking about the real deal, lovely intricately patterned and woven fabric that truly brings a little romance to your wardrobe.

The prints that I am showing today , are a bit more on the geometric/tribal side of the spectrum. Aztec print shave been a part of of many of our wardrobes, but the new take on geometrics are original and different to what we have seen before. Bolder , bigger and better, a little of these prints will be all you need to refresh your summer wardrobe and give it a little extra oomph! Not only are we seeing the bright new print on our apparel, but also popping up in decor and accessories, so now not only can you be on trend, but with a few simple touches your house can also be on point!

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