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DIY: Glittery Gold Goodness

If your anything like me, your kitchen cupboard right underneath your sink in probably filled too the brim with empty glass jars, wine bottles and coffee containers. It makes the most horrid noise, like a whole china cabinet collapsing when you open the door, but you keep religiously adding to your little colony of glass. Jar after jar after jar. For some reason though you never have a pretty vase for your flowers or a nice container to put your bobby pins in. Fear not, I have the solution! A super easy DIY that will make all those ordinary glass containers, sparkle with new life!

What you need:
1. Gold spray paint. I used gold and white for some of mine.
2. Cello-tape. The thickness will influence your design.
3. Scissors
4. Old newpapers
5. A well ventilated room.

Step 1:
Take the glass container , ensure that it is completely clean. Take the cello-tape and tape the design that you want on the container.

Step 2:
Ensure that the area that you work on is covered with newspaper. Spray your container with the gold spray. Make sure it is completely covered.

Step 3:
Let it dry. Once it is dry remove the cello-tape.You will see your finished product.

You will see that I decorated some of my containers with glitter and gold and others with white and gold spray paint. Its an extremely easy DIY and you can feel free to experiment and adjust the pattern to what you desire.

Here’s to no more clutter in you rcupboards and enough pretty vases for all your flowers!

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