Pretty Picnic Inspiration

With the festive season upon us, we are all in the mood to celebrate. The holidays,are a time for us all to relax, unwind and have a great time with friends and family.My favorite way to entertain a small amount of people ,is to whip up a beautiful picnic. Nothing says holidays, quite like eating on the floor. To put a spin on a traditional super relaxed picinc , I chose a theme of gold, glitter and pale pink to decorate the picnic “table”. The inspiration for my chevron backdrop, I found on and I used some awesome printables which I found on, which were done by That’s Pretty Ace, to add some personality to the decor.Almost all of the decor, paper plates, DIY brownpaper tablecloth and glass jars, I had lying around the house. I think its always best to try and make something with what you have in your home, rather than going out and spending extra money.The dress, I have on in the pictures, I made myself with some fabric that I purchased several years ago. I hope you find some inspiration in all this sparkly goodness!

6 thoughts on “Pretty Picnic Inspiration

    • Thank you, so much! Even though I live in Cape Town and the weather is pretty much gorgeous all year round, I sometimes battle with the severe heat we experience here. That is why I thought that having a lovely picnic indoors will be a great option to beat the heat! I think that you can really run with an idea like this. Different themes etc! Go all out! Thanks so much for the complement about my dress!;) Have a great day


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