Coppery- grey goodness

In the southern hemisphere we’re experiencing the lovely throws of winter. I love winter.Simple as that. I love everything about it. The wind the rain, the cold, short days, long nights, hot coffee and even hotter showers.Red wine, biltong, soup and fresh bread. all the best things are just so much better in winter. I think,it’s because somehow we appreciate it more. A nice pair of comfy slippers for your cold feet is just so much better in winter than summer. Don’t get me wrong,living in Cape Town in winter is hectic. Its not called the Cape of Storms for nothing, but it certainly isn’t as bad as you would think you get used to being slapped by rain on all sides of your body and not just from the top. You get used to occasionally having to kayak to your car instead of walk. Things can get pretty interesting.

The great thing about winter in Cape Town, is that you get these absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous sunny days in between the bouts of bad weather. My current decor obsession is maybe partly attributed to the current season. Grey and Copper. I have always loved grey and copper accents in my apartment has always delighted me, but I think now that I we have bought our first home.I will be decorating it a bit more generously with this gorgeous pair. I have selected some of my favorite decor accessories from local brands and stores, but also included some items that can be purchased via Etsy. I think the key to incorporating this trend into your home is to use copper sparingly. It should only be used as an accent, but if you rare fortunate enough to live a lifestyle, where you can have copper as a distinct feature, please indulge!

How I would incorporate the trend into our new home is to use grey as the base and then decorate from there. In my mind grey is the new black in my life. It is the ever versatile neutral. It gives the warmth that white lacks and a clean and modern look that’s so often lacking with beige. I will definately be adding some copper utensils and art work to my home and add some more copper hardware details to my already existing furniture collection.

Just remember a girl can never have too much bling!

Crisna Coetzee

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