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Things I love this June

This June, has been a special one for many reasons. So many changes has happened and I am relieved , excited and petrified all at once. Firstly , I left my job. I was in no way happy in my previous position, but I still feel a sense of loss, but I knew decisions had to be made and I made them. So for the month of June, I am home, until I start Law School in July. Home. That’s something that’s also new. Kobus and I dove into the deep end and bought our first house, a little semi in one of Cape Town’s most historic suburbs,Zonnebloem, which was previously part of District Six. To call this place a fixer-upper is a bit of an understatement. With its leaky roof, creaky floors,no hot water, uneven walls and o-so dirty dirty everything is what we call home now and home is really what it is. We have managed to paint the whole shebang. Sand and varnish the lovely oregon pine floors, have running hot water, tiles and some of the basic necessities, but we are far from having it where we want it. The plan is to add a second floor. I’ll keep you updated as we go.

June has also been a month where I can relax , focus on what I love, enjoy my new surroundings and have some quality time with my fur babies. So here are some of the thing I’m really enjoying this June.

1. Cuddles , cuddles and more cuddles with my favorite for legged bunnykins. Nothing says winter like curling up with my little personal heater, in the form of Nunki to beat the winter chill.
2. Celebrating every little piece of progress that we make with the renovation.
3.I’m simply smitten with our new bathroom fittings. Victorian Bathrooms, make the best things1
4.Nothing says winter wardrobe than oversize knits.
5.Oldies, but goodies. I still cannot get over how out of this world comfortable my mules are. Plus they go with everything!
6. Morning walks with my pup to explore the new neigbourhood has helped me feel ore at ease with many of the decisions I made in the past months.Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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