Kitchen Confidential

To me a kitchen should be a vibrant lively place. It truely is the heart of the home. It’s where hungry tummies are filled, early morning conversations are had and most importantly it’s where the coffee is!So here I am with my first kitchen. I am pretty stocked up on most of the things I need but, I still need some essentials like lovely basic crockery and some more pots, but otherwise I’m set. I also have a lot of things I don’t need, but that I simply must have.

I love knick knacks. Little pretty things, whose soul purpose, is to make me happy and irritate my boyfriend. Knick Knacks are just the best! They’re cheap, usually second hand and they always have a cute story behind them.
Eventhough, I love them to bits, I have tried to keep my obsession to collecting things that I will actually use.So I have dedicated my brick a brack finding skills to obtaining to kitchen items. So obviously when we moved into our new house. I saw the opportunity to add to my already flourishing collection of brick a brack. More space , more teeny tiny treasure to display. I have been quite good at keeping my collection to one room of the house and also one area, my new 1950’s kitchen cupboard.My somewhat oversized kinck knack.

It’s simply fabulous. With its pink and white fornica doors, it was definitely not the direction we were going for decor wise, but it simply stole my heart and it had to find a place in my kitchen. So for now, all my lovely treasures and have found there place there. As our kitchen is not yet done, I have only photographed my darling cupboard. Our kitchen counters and shelves need to be done, its all still a work in progress, which I’ll show you as soon as its done.

For this post I compiled some of the things that I really want and some of the things that are just simply wishes. I love anthropologie , but unfortunatly I live in South Africa and I don’t trust our postal service enough to order something online from them.

I would love to know what your kitchen essentials are or what’s on your kitchen wishlist!
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