There’s a cat in a hat!

I’ve never been a hat person. Swimming cap and vizer when playing sports, sure, but a proper hat? Me? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always envied people who look fabulous in hats. They always look so glamorous and stylish, something that I most definitely did not look, but after a recent photoshoot, where my one client wore a black floppy hat and looked absolutely amazing. This inspired me to hit the shops to find a hat that actually looks good on me and that is how I ended up with not only one, but two hats! One a cute grey bucket hat, that reminded me so much of my time in Korea and then the second one, a black, floppy felt hat, which I love!I must admit, I didn’t find either of them in a branded shop or in a mall, but at a street vendor in St George’s mall, Cape Town for R60 and R80 respectively . It was a total steal and it was the only one which fit me perfectly! I just love it! Here are some of my favourite chain store picks!

The Lovely Hannam, Mid Rim Fedora Hat from Forever New AUS.

Mr Price Fedora Hat R139

Mr Price Felt Hat R 149
1.Camel floppy hat, Truworths R310.00
2. Hannah Mid Rim Hat, Forever New
3.Black felt hat,Mr Price Clothing R149.00
4.Fedora, Mr Price Clothing R139.00

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