Suitably Sheeted for Summer

As most of you will know by now, my boyfriend and I bought our first house! Yeah! Not so great is that we decided to do all the renovating ourselves. The problem with this is, that we are both away from home during the day and have no time to do what we need to, so progress is slow to say the least!Luckily for us, we are still enjoying the process of making an empty space our home!

Here in South Africa, summer is approaching with a heady speed! Even some winter days had me doing a double take on the calendar to see if we skipped a few months. To me this means redecorating tome and time to summerize my bedroom!If you live in an area where the weather changes so drastically from one season to the next you will know this is really necessary. With summer coming the “seasonal decorator ” is packing away those knitted throws, retiring the flannel winter sheets, getting rid of all the warm rich tones and getting out the crisp white linens, earthy accessories and fresh plants! It’s time to lighten up for summer!

Today I will be sharing my favorite tips on getting my bedroom ready for summer and ensuring that I get a refreshing night’s sleep during those hot summer months!


The quickest and easiest way I feel is so do away with heavily printed, brightly colored or dark bedding. I choose bedding in neutral tones of grey to slightly dark grey and pair it with stark white bedding. It’s a easy and cost effective way of changing the whole look of your bedroom. I choose neutral and cool colors for my bedding as it creates a calm and soothing environment to relax in at night after being out in the heat the whole day.

 DSC_1946Another simple thing I do is to incorporate earthy and rustic decor elements to my bedroom. Think natural wooden bedside tables and storage solutions. Clear glass containers and and simple accessories with faint pale blue pops of colour. To me, decorating for summer means getting rid of clutter and giving yourself space to breathe in your bedroom.My lovely bedside table was made by my boyfriend!

DSC_2169I love to incorporate live plants into my bedroom during summer, as it creates the feel of being outside. The green adds the necessary life and colour into an otherwise very monotone canvas and creates vocal points in the room. I always have a wide variety of plants in my room, both freshly cut and potted. I am obsessed with succulants in all shapes and sizes and they are all spread around my house, especially my bedroom.The lovely wood and copper bench my talented boyfriend made for us.

DSC_2213The last thing simple thing that I do to get my bedroom ready for summer is to always have a container filled with cool water in my bedroom. The blistering heat in South Africa really dries you out during the day and you should keep hydrated at all times and what better way then to replenish lost moisture by sipping on some cool water from the comfort of your bed whilst reading or pampering yourself. I was lucky enough to find this cute vintage water container with a tap at the Milnerton Flea Market .

In South Africa it’s often very difficult to find reasonably priced, high quality and stylish bedding . That’s why I was overjoyed when I was introduced to Parachute Home  by a friend . Parachute is a bedding company based in Venice Beach, Los Angeles who deliver high quality bedding at  reasonable prices and what’s even better is that they are a company with a conscience.

Parachute has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign: Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria in Africa. Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease, which makes this statistic particularly tragic. For $10, a life-saving, insecticide-treated bed net will be sent by Nothing But Nets to families in need. By sleeping under bed nets a family is protected from the bite of malaria-carrying mosquitoes that only bite at night. In areas with high coverage, bed nets can reduce the rates of malaria by 90%.

Parachute has committed to send one life-saving bed net for every Venice sleep bundle sold. In addition,  Parachute is  committed to helping their customers understand malaria and its burden on humanity, while offering more ways for their customers to join them in sending nets and saving lives.At the time of writing this posts they had already sent 3900 nets to people in need.

The whole experience of selecting the color of your  bedding and purchasing and receiving it is pain and hassle free. Parachute home , believe that buying bedding should be as enjoyable  as your best nights sleep.

Parachute bedding is made with 100%  fine long -staple Egyptian cotton, dyed naturally to the highest safety and environmental protection standards, it’s designed in LA, and produced in Italy, by craftmen with over 60 years experience in making the finest bedding. The bedding is simple, and incredibly stylish, its perfect for a modern, simple look. The bedding provides this and at the same time incredible comfort and softness.

Not only does Parachute Home, make bedding, it also makes lovely candle, beach towels,totes and  the most incredible cashmere throws! Here are some of my favorite Parachute Home products.

The Percale Venice Beach Set

venice-white-percale_1ed03746-f44c-4324-b982-d27a1520dfda_1024x1024 percale-venice-feature_1024x1024

Cashmere Throw

striped-cashmere-throw-editorial-1_2b58907d-7eaf-4edc-b0ba-33709cfe6ae9_1024x1024 striped-cashmere-throw-granite-and-light-fog_0d910f54-dd92-4413-8610-419b48dc4a9f_1024x1024

Parachute Home Candles

fireside-scented-candle-feature_1024x1024 Parachute-Home-3

Be sure to have a look at their full collection of products the wonderful products of parachute home on this link! Parachute Home .

I hope I have given you some simple and easy ideas as to how to get your bedroom ready for summer in order for you to beat the heat!



2 thoughts on “Suitably Sheeted for Summer

  1. Beautiful, inspiring post! LOVE that vintage water container – what a lucky find! And your boyfriend is seriously talented – I’ve been looking for new bedside tables, so was disappointed to read that he made them (because then I wouldn’t be able to head out to the shops to buy them! Ha!) Going to check out Parachute now…


    • Thank you, Chereen for the kind words! Haha, I am quite lucky!I just hop on Pinterest and ask him to make things that I like! Hopefully I will be able to share more from our home decor soon, our bedroom is already different! I love your blog! It’s beautifully inspiring!


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