Bare knees and Brass bells in Kalkbay

Kalkbay must surely be one of my favorite places to visit in and around Cape Town. It’s just a quick 20 minute drive form home, but it feels like this quaint fishing village is a million miles away from home. With its quirky shops, antique stores, theaters,markets, fish and chips stalls and out of this world restaurants, this place is a sanctuary for this artistic set in the Western Cape. It’s simply the best place to be on a hot summers day.

A few weeks ago, family was visiting from Pretoria and we headed to the Brass Bell, the oldest restaurant in Kalkbay for some lunch. At that time it was the middle of winter. I wore my absolute favorite pair of ripped jeans. I am so in love with ripped jeans. I don’t know how I will ever go back to just wearing normal jeans. My two favorite pairs are a pair of boyfriend fit darker denim ones and then my other one’s are a tighter fit and a lighter wash!I paired my jeans, with a navy vintage top, camel coat , brown mules and my boyfriend’s grandma’s leather clutch!

Hope you enjoy the post and be sure to visit Kalkbay whenever you’re in South Africa!


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