Things I love in August

Winter is coming to an end for us down here in the southern hemisphere , despite what the weather is doing outside. The countdown to spring 2015, has begun and it’s 3 weeks away and I just can’t help but feel all giddy and silly about it.Spring is wild flower season for the West Coast and Namakwaland which mean plenty of roadtrips to neigbouring little towns!

I have rounded up some of the things, which I am absolutely loving this month!Here they are!

  1. My Nunki Ring. I am obsessed with signet rings. I have one huge one, with my granddad’s initials on and then thisone pictured here with a “N” on. As You by now know, my bunny’s name is Nunki! A couple of weekends ago my boyfriend and I were scouring through the stalls at the Milnerton Flea Market when this ring caught my eye and it was love at first sight! The ring is made out of rolled gold. Rolled gold is basically a thin layer of gold, which is then binded to a base metal, like silver of copper to make the jewellery. It was very popular in the 1920’s. This ring has not left my finger since the day I bought it and it goes with all my other gold jewellery, so happiness all around!


2.Morning tea and seed rusks. These lovely rusks were baked by my boyfriends mom. Packed full of lovely seeds, bran flower and raisins, it’s a healthy and filling breakfast that you can have on the go. For my overseas readers,rusks are almost like a dried cake which you dip into your tea and coffee and then you eta it. I know that a while back, a horrible, ill conceptualised and just down right stupid video circulated about Americans trying South African snack food and they hated rusks, but I LOVE them and they are not at all like the one’s in the video and at least South Africans know how to eat rusks.


3. My stoneware collection. My collection is steadily growing with each visit I take to Milnerton Flea market. I just love the colours textures and all round look of these retro beauties and they are definitely brightening up house.


4. My black felt fedora from Rosey and Vittori which I received from http://www.adorethis.co.za/. It’s handmade locally using imported materials and it goes with absolutely everything!


5. They’re real mascara by Benefit Cosmetics.The name says it all, because that’s what I have top say each time someone asks me if I have eyelash extensions on! This mascara is amazing! The sleek, rubber bristled wand get’s into all the nook and crannies of your lashes and coats each individual lash, creating volume and length and giving you lashes for days!! I LOVE this mascara and would recommend it to everyone!


These were just a few of my favorite things! What are you particularly loving this month? Let me know, I would love to chat!



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