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Simply,Super, Superbly : SUPERBALIST.COM My go to get it all for all things fashionable, fabulous and oh-so-right-now.My one stop one line shop, for everything from lacy racy sweet nothings for myself, to gifts for my boyfriend and colleagues alike.

For those of you who don’t know (I.E have been living under a rock for the last couple of years) is a highly curated South African online shop which stocks only the highest quality, expertly selected merchandise from both local and international designers. It’s products are divided into categories for men, women and products for your home! These are subdivided into various other categories, like home and decor accessories, furniture, shoes, jewellery etc.It literally has everything that the young, hip and “intune” individual needs to make life just that little bit more stylish. Superbalist offers ontrend products long before it hits the shelves in normal retail stores and usually it has exclusive first looks of the newest fashion and decore lines. is not only an online store, it is a key role player in promoting and showcasing the brightest and best of South Africa’s young creatives, style influencers and industry role players. On the website itself, you will find, The Superbalist 100. The Superbalist 100, celebrates one hundred young south africans who are helping to shape our scene. Doers, makers, movers and shakers; these are the creatives responsible for youth culture as we know it! This list features individuals,like Tony Gum, Sindiso Nyoni and Laura Windvogel , to obviously just name a few. You can go on , read, look, be inspired and see what some of South Africa’s best have to offer, also you can vote for your favourite individual or group and stand a chance to win some amazing goodies. That’s the thing about this site!It constantly gives back to it’s shoppers.There are frequently give aways and special offers which you can enter , plus the more you share about your experience using Superbalist with your friends and on social media, the better the chance to earn credit for your shopping wallet.

A great new initiative which the girls and boys started over there is The Way of Us an addition to their website, where various, creatives, such as stylists, bloggers and various entrepeneurs give us a glimpse into their lives and their favorite Superbalist products!

Apart from being ahead of the curve of most retail stores, offers so much more than what you expect from a normal online shop. Ease, comfort, quick and efficient service, delivery and great customer support. A true personal touch is what’s in store for you when you shop at

To get in on the action just follow these easy steps;
1. Got to
2. Fill in the simple question. IE, name address etc. The normal things.
3. Set up- your password
4. Receive a confirmation e-mail , confirm your details and that’s it! Log in!

You can start shopping!It’s as simple as that!

I love the sight, because it’s relevant to my lifestyle, my taste and my interest in general. The sales support staff is amazingly efficient and always assist quickly and efficiently. Delivery is never late and the products which I have purchased have always arrived at my door, unharmed and just as perfect as what I saw online.

I look forward to receiving my next batch of goodies and I can’t wait to share them with you guys! In the meantime here are some of my favorite fashion pics from Superbalist for Spring!

Clockwise; Just click on the item and go to
1.Take Two Sweat Top R 499.0
2.Swift, Tan mule by therapy, R 399.00
3.Lennox, Herschel Supply Co, R 1299.00
4.Holley, Zoom R 499.00
5.Leola Sequin Jacket, By Vera Moda, R499.00
6.VM Sara SS Shirt dress R 259.00
7.Terra Nova Earrings, By Kirsten Gross, R 1199.00
8.Danielle, Royal T, R 299.00
9.Leola Sequin Shorts, by Vera Moda R349.00
10.Chelsea Mod Acetate, R 249.00 by Spitfire
11.Crudo, Espadril R 449.00

Happy shopping!


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