The Little White Dress

The power of a well timed, well fitted white dress is transformative. From demure country girls to seductive screen goddesses know the power of this clothing item.Be it tight , wide, crochet or silk, the little white dress is a wellcome departure from the classic black dress .   To me its the equivalent of a linen suite for men. Fresh , different and striking without trying too hard. The key to getting the look right is to know your body and know what suites you and then obviously to keep it white and bright.

Over the course of  Spring and Summer I will share some of my favourite white dresses with you and how I style them differently.The firts look I’m sharing is a little sleek grecian!I felt strong and confident in this look and a little sexy and we tried to capture that! We did the shoot at the Cape Town High Court in Keerom Street on a very windy Sunday morning!

For the look, I wore a simple T-shirt dress, which I made myself.

Accessories form MR Price Fashion.

Shoes from  Fashion Express.

Enjoy and let me know what you think and how you style your favourite little white dress.

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