La Praire Skin Caviar Sleep Mask Review

If I had to rename this product it would be called, heaven in a jar. No skin savior! No!Three years younger in a night! Where do I stop? I am obviously taken with this product and here’s why. I would describe my skin type as chaotic , nevermind combination with an oily T-Zone, blah, blah , blah. I mean chaotic as in breakouts, dry patches, redness, sensitivity. One week my skin loves a product, the next I breakout in hives. My skin is a never ending struggle for me, that’s why its rare for me to find something that works. By works, I mean,  makes you sing Halleluja!


The product is an overnight moisture firming mask that’s also a transformative night cream. It’s the ultimate care your skin craves. Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask is imbued with caviar extracts that nourish with advanced nutrients and boost skin’s long-term firmness. The luxuriously textured formula brushes on and simply melts into skin where it works its magic overnight. The natural exfoliation enzyme technology smooths, softens and improves the skin in as little as one application. Wake up with time on your side.It has a light floral fragrance and is pink in colour. Delightfully girly in it’s ultra luxe packaging.


The product is easy to use.Simply dab generously onto your face and spread it around with the applicator brush you receive with it and go to bed. Simple as that and wake up with firmer, smoother and softer skin.

This product is truly amazing and its helped me cope with my skin, it clears up breakout, soothes and sorted out my dry skin. It doesn’t come cheap and retails at around, R5290 for 50 ml at Edgars or Stuttafords, it really is not something that the average consumer can afford, nor myself, who is still a student, but if I could, I would buy this and use it religiously. It truly delivers on it’s promise and has fixed a multitude of my skin problems.

Follow the LaPraire group South Africa on instagram at LaPraire Group for more of their latest products.



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