Short shorts and crop tops, a matter of proportions

Yeah, for Spring! Yeah, for warmer weather! And yeah, for my boyfriend’s sister , Jeanine, who gave me this awesome shirt!I love summer. Dressing girly, looking pretty, dresses, dresses and some more dresses, short denim cut offs and cute tops, that’s what summer is all about! I love summer fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I hold my coats and scarves close to my heart , but a great bikini and perfect pair of sandals does a girl’s heart a whole world of good.

So for today’s look I’m sharing a little everyday, all day, easy summer outfit.A crop top, age old, denim cut offs and lace -up gladiator sandals, with some awesome accessories . I love the feeling of being free in my clothes and this outfit really makes me feel free, it brings out my playful side and makes me want to head to the beach for a fun day out! What’s your favourite summer outfits? I would love to get some inspiration from my readers!

Outfit details:

Top: Zara South Africa

Shorts: Vintage Denim

Sandals: Fashion Express

Bag: Thrifted

Hat: Adorethissa

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