Feminine Florals in the City

Windy, great big, angry gusts of wind plucking at the petals of my poor dress… that’s how I would describe this shoot. I lost my hairstyle, seam and some dignity on that day. My boyfriend and I tried three other locations to shoot this outfit, but settled on the Cape Town CBD, at High Court, because that’s where the wind was calmest!

I really loved putting this look together. I love the modern feminine silhouettes of the 1920’s and 1930’s. With this dress , I tried to bring in elements of those silhouettes, modernizes it and make it in a soft , casual print for Spring. The problem with me and sewing is, that I always leave everything to the last minute. Especially now, that I’m studying and blogging again full time. Things are a bit hectic and I often neglect to give attention to the things and activities I hold dear to my heart, so my projects don’t always come out 100% the way I want them to. For today’s look I wore a dress by me, shoes from Fashion Express and some vintage accessories. Simple, easy and feminine.

2 thoughts on “Feminine Florals in the City

    • Thank you, Chereen! This means so much, especially coming from you as I love your blog! I’m glad you like it! Sewing is one of my favourite ways to express my creativity and I save so much by just making what I want, instead of buying it in store!

      Thank you for reading my blog!:)


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