Pretty Paired Polka Dots

I believe that you can never go wrong with a good polka dot outfit. It’s classic, feminine, playful and sometimes , if done just right, it can be downright fabulous. I like the classic option when it comes to polka dots, that is black with white dots or white dots on tan fabric, a la, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, at the polo. Not so much Mickey Mouse red and white dots or yellow polka dot bikini’s. As the print is immediately associated with vintage styled clothes and the 1950’s and 1960’s, I opt to wear the print in more modern interpretations of the print, to avoid looking like I’m wearing a costume.

For today’s look I’m wearing a two piece , which I made from a vintage dress.I loved the fabric of the dress, light airy and breathable, but at a size 14 and in a hideous 1980’s style the dress could not be salvaged , so I cut up the dress and took the fabric and made this for me. I love matching sets and love the fact that I can pair this one up or down depending on what you’re planning for the day. I paired this outfit with some leopard printed wedges from Woolworths SA and a vintage woven purse to add a little bit more of a summer feeling to the outfit!




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