Spring Mornings

As I get older, busier and more frantic  I feel the need to  have ”rituals” not the kind where you dance naked around a fire, offer small or chant rhythmically (non of which I have done, ever), but the different kind of ritual. The ritual of having your coffee at your kitchen window in the morning,looking outside, going to the park with your dog daily, making waffles on Sundays and having an afternoon cup of tea with something lighthearted to read. Rituals that give you some time, to sit, reflect and relax.

As women we are constantly going, juggling different roles, being judged . I think we need to give ourselves a break every now and again from all the pressure that ourselves and society placed on us. A couple of minutes, and hour, whatever you need to recharge.We are always busy with working, cooking, cleaning, playing and just being there for others, that we feel guilty just to call a time out and do something for yourself. We often forget just to be and get in touch with with who we are and that is where my rituals come in. Those feel good, me- time moments and one of them is taking my giant pooch to the beach.

Not only do I love the ocean, but Miko loves it too and always has the best time there. We love going to Camps Bay Beach and am so happy that its a dog friendly beach. It’s still a bit cool, so we didn’t go for a swim, but hopefully that will be happening soon!

For today’s look, I wore vitntage denim cut offs, an off the shoulder bodysuit and my favourite beach hat!

Let me know what your rituals are, I would love to know how you relax.



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