Rose and Monroe Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Elegant,feminine, stylish and polished are words that come to mind when I think about the Rose&Monroe Spring/ Summer 2015 collection. Being the face of the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign for this innovative yet classic brand has been an incredible experience, not only because it is the highlight of my blogging career so far, but it opened up my eyes to a whole other style and way of dressing.To be able to see myself in a way that I did not think possible before. To dress as a woman and to feel sophisticated in what I wear , all without losing the whimsy and playfulness of youth. That is the power of Rose&Monroe.

The amazingly talented Izel Delport eloquently states the following on the Rose&Monroe website about her inspirations and her new collection,:” I am inspired by beautiful things: from the intricate patterns found in nature, the graceful sway of dancers in motion, the feeling of soft green grass under bare feet. But, most of all, my designs are inspired by the female silhouette. After studying at a local fashion academy, I decided to turn the runway show in my head into something tangible. For the past 8 years I have been sketching, snipping, stitching, sewing and shaping the Rose & Monroe brand. I aim to create pieces that flatter any form of the female figure, making the woman wearing my designs feel effortlessly beautiful.

Style knows no size or age, it is a feeling. A feeling that I try to capture in every garment I make.

Izel describes the Rose&Monroe woman as the following .The Rose&Monroe woman is INSPIRED by timeless beauties like Marilyn Monroe, by the gentle sway of a light breeze through sunlit trees, by stretches of white sand next to rolling waves, by candlelit tables and moonlit evenings.

She wants, an EXCLUSIVE collection of wardrobe essentials. Pieces designed to easily transition from day to evening; from subtle sophistication to striking statements.

She feels, effortlessly elegant. Confident and collected.

The Spring/Summer 2015 campaign was shot at the sophisticated beach font, Silverbay Villa . The curated, elegant setting was a fitting backdrop for the timeless, elegant and effortless designs of Rose&Monroe. The luxurious fabrics, flattering styles and complementing colour palette of this collection changed the way I saw myself. Putting on each piece was a transforming experience. Many of the pieces can be dressed up or down ,with a simple change of shoes and make -up my look was transformed from poolside elegance to night time glamour. The collection is versatile , wearable, comfortable and adaptable, perfect for the serious career woman, or a stylish mom, someone who wants something special and unique to wear. It is a collection with something for everyone. There is a piece that will make each and every woman feel like the best version of herself. Throughout the whole experience I had the following Diane Von Furstenburg quote in my mind,”I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the kind of woman I wanted to be.” The clothes made me feel that I am closer to being that woman, to being closer to the kind of woman I want to be.

The collection is a lovely combination of classic solid coloured pieces and bold, bright and elegant prints. The fabric choices are flattering, comfortable and flows and moves with your body. It is absolutely some of the most flattering clothes that I have ever worn.

I don’t have any specific favourite pieces form the collection, as I feel that there is place in my wardrobe and life for each and every piece of this collection. Feel free to have a look at the full collection on Rose&

It was such an incredible experience being part of this and I hope that you will all enjoy the beautiful collection.


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