A Misty Clifton Morning

As you might have come to know, I love the beach. I love everything about it. I love the sand, the wind on my face, the icy icy Atlantic waters and the sting of sun on my back. I ‘m form the West Coast of South Africa and my dad was a fisherman and I spent countless days next to the waves.Ever since my dad passed I feel the closest to him when I’m at the beach,swimming,diving or just being. I have a deep respect and appreciation of the ocean and the role it plays in our daily lives. It’s depts are unknown and the riches of life in its waters knows no end.

It’s the combination of the feelings of rejuvenation, relaxation and rebirth that I experience every time that I visit the beach, that make me want to go back day after, day after day.Luckily for me I live in Cape Town and someof the best beaches around are just minutes away.

We did this shoot on Clifton 3rd beach on a very misty Sunday morning. It was just too much frun.Sorry, about all the super smiley photo’s!The dress I made myself and the gorgeous gold choker is from Nunkilief For Weekendflair.




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