Daydream Chaser

Fantasy , whimsy, magic! These are the things,I want to add more of to my life.In the little things I do and the big events alike !We all need that something special in our lives, that silly thing you do , have, watch or share that makes your heart giggle, your eyes crinkle and your spirits soar.

How I add a little whimsy and wonder to my life is through my clothes, through my home and all the pretty things that I adorn and surround myself with. It’s in the way I collect vintage cigar boxes and kitchen linen.The way I buy vintage wedding dresses,which will never fit me in a million years, but they make me happy,so I have to have them. How I have a whole trunk full of vintage material, just waiting for the right life event to be turned into something beautiful. It’s how I love to bake, but never eat my own cakes. It’s in the simple way I love and receive love, from my family and friends.

We live in a harsh world , where we are faced with the horrific acts that people commit and subject one another to. I make it a little bit more tolerable by allowing myself, to dream, to indulge in my eccentricities and be thankful for what I have.

So here is a little dress I threw together , when I was still at University. I paired my dress with my Weekendflair Modern Geometric Bar Earrings and some shoes from Fashion Express.

How do you add some magic to your life?


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