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Double the denim, Double the fun

All denim, all the time. That’s the new approach that fashion is taking to the old “Canadian Tuxedo.” The trend got a bad reputation in the ’90s think Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in their matching outfits st the 2001 American Music Awars. O’ the horror!

Denim on denim has recently exploded on the street style scene and has been spotted at Fashion Weeks ranging from New York to Milan.

While some people may still be hesitant to dress head-to-toe in one look, I love it, as it’s versatile, comfortable and fresh!


Here are some valuable  tips, I gathered from around the web and my good old common sense!

There are two major denim on denim pitfalls: picking denim that’s all the same weight and wash, and accessorizing with busy pieces. Both of these choices will leave you looking like a bit of a miss.The key is to mix washes and denim textures. For example pair a light weight denim botton down shirt with a heavier darker wash skinny jean.When it’s all in one shade, head to toe denim can easily look you’re headed to the rodeo.

For a casual look, try mixing light distressed denim shorts with a medium wash, over-sized, denim shirt and a great pair of motorcycle boots or ankle bots. A denim blazer and skinny jean, accessorized with a sexy, slinky heel will instantly make you more sophisticated.

Pulling of the look is all about proportions. Any silhouette can work if it’s done right. Skinny jeans are probably the easiest to pull off. The key is balance. Slouchy boyfriend jeans can pair nicely with a more feminine lightweight chambray shirt and instantly give a street style vibe that looks effortlessly put together.

Obviously its a bit hot in South Africa to wear head to toe long denim, so I opted for some shorts and my boyfriends cambray shirt! The look is one of my go too outfits and I thoroughly enjoy wearing it!



Please, share some of your styling tips with me, I would love to hear from you!

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