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LABEL: Graduate Showcase

It’s not often that you see overwhelming generosity in the fashion industry , especially not when that means sharing your very important display window of your store., but that’s just what Label designer, Nadia Turton did.

Nadia Turton, attended  the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC) recently hosted its 2nd Annual Fashion Graduate Recruitment Showcase at the Fire and Ice Protea Hotel in Cape Town.This is an event that forms part of the CTFC’s Youth Development program, top fashion students, hand-picked by means of careful curation, had the opportunity to showcase their garments and portfolios through a static installation – serving as a recruitment drive for students to network with prospective employers working within the fashion industry.

Whilst attending this year’s showcase,Nadia  was so impressed by the high standard of work that she has given six of these fashion graduates the opportunity to showcase their collections to the public. These graduates have been given one of the two windows of her boutique to dress for a seven-day period with the opportunity to change their display once mid-week.

Justine Brown (CPUT) started off the showcase  on the 4th of January 2016 with her collection named, Kuju Kiri by JEI
Kuju Kiri has traditional japanese meaning, being that it’s the nine symbolic cuts or hand gestures used by ninja assassins during meditation.

”Justine draws inspiration both from Japanese street style and Ninja Meditation. Using a combination of fluid and structured fabrics, such as wool dobby, knits and suiting, she has been able to create very contrasting elements within her graduating range. Universal energy, or Japanese ‘ki’, is also a prominent factor influencing her design philosophy and Justine embraces the concept of connection between all things and the possibility of one thing becoming something else.

 Kelly Moolman (Cape Town College of Fashion Design) was the next to showcase her collection.

Kelly has been inspired by her love for aquascaping (underwater landscaping) whereby rocks, driftwood and plants are arranged and flourish into beautiful gardens. Freshwater fish are also introduced adding movement and life. She has created a unique look, crafting her own fabric by fusing wool together. This has allowed her to introduce vertical and horizontal patterns, creating different textures, adding an artisanal element to her garments. The softness and lightness of chiffon used is inspired by delicate plant life gently swaying in the movement of the water while her wool fusing designs can be likened to driftwood.”Label Facebook Page

Showcasing in our Fashion Graduate Showcase for the duration of this week is Astrid van Zyl (Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design)

Astrid designs simple pieces with detailed elements. Her graduating range has been inspired by a piece by Eli Kleppe, playing on the idea of white on white as well as experimenting with different opacities and textures of fabric.


The following young graduates will be the be next to showcase their collections:

‘Emma Rousow’s collection Emma is a contemporary, ready-to-wear clothing label. She designs for all women, combining elements to produce a product which is classic, feminine and modern all at the same time.She will be showcasing from 25 January.

Nicole Smith designer of Peyton Cole, arrived at the name for her collection by combining both her daughters’ names with her family nickname. Her graduating collection is titled Walking in Memphis, which is inspired by the colourful and fun aesthetics of the Memphis Milano movement of the 1980’s. These elements are brought into the garments by means of prints and interesting inserts, which are most notably minimalistic and sporty. Showcasing from 1 February.

Eva Komvos’ love for both vintage and florals designs saw her design pieces that were not typical or cliché. Drawing inspiration from the past, especially Victorian antiques, Eva has created playful and experimental silhouettes of a simplistic nature, inspired by the 60’s. Showcasing from 8 February.”Vanilla Blonde Daily

Be sure to head on over to the Label store on the Shop 15, Second Floor,The Point Centre ,76 Regent Street, Sea Point. Or head on over to Label website for more of the fabulous Label Spring /Summer Collection.

All graduate students collections will be available for purchase, please inquire in store .

Remember support South African designers, shop local, be lekker!



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