My Valentine’s Day wishlist from SPRING

Valentine’s Day is by far my favourite day of the year.Not my birthday,not Christmas,not Easter,but good old V-Day!

I just love it,in all it’s corny,red,white and pink glory.Teddy bears ,roses and all.I love it because it gives people who are not always romantic the confidence to be out there and show their softer side.Everyone is a little bit more giddy,a little bit more smiley.A little happier,so I embrace it!

This year,I compiled my top three wishlist items from the amazing online store Spring, which I would love to receive from my significant other.

1.Marni Ankle Boots in Maroon: Shop it here:Marni Ankle boots


2.Root-Lee Circle and Demi Wood sunglasses  : Shop the Root Sunglasses



3. French Connection : Tube with rings with Pendant Necklace: Shop it here:  French Connection Rings with tube necklace



Spring is an amazing online store which host 800 + brands from worldwide,which have free shipping and free returns with a concierge service.

They host products in various categories for women,men,lifestyle and beauty.For ease and convenience you can also download there app on google apps.

Be sure to head to Spring for more of their great brands and efficient service.

I hope you have lovely Valentine’s Day filled with love ,happiness and just the right amount of corniness.


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