The Burger Festival!

On a lovely windy and warm Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I made our way to the much anticipated Burger Festival, which was hosted by flavorful events.To say that we were excited about getting our hands on one of the 10 burger vendors offerings, is a complete understatement.

When we arrived at the festival, we were greeted by probably one of the best views I’ve seen of the mother city, without being on Table Mountain!Breath takingly beautiful, is all I can say!

The event , which was all about burgers, sported an array of 10 beer breweries and a new found favourite, Woodstock Gin. There was even the great addition for those of us with a sweet tooth in the form Wicked Waffel and something for for the health conscious clients in the form of Skinny Scoop Ice Cream!

We were obviously spoiled with choice and found it difficult to choose between the mouth watering combo’s that were displayed on the signage at the stalls. We decided to look for something that was unique and out of the ordinary! After much deliberation, consultation and imaginary taste testing, I settled on a Jack Daniels Burger from Tre Restaurant. This amazing concoction consist out of 200g home made beef burger patty, of which the mince was soaked in good old Jack Daniels whiskey over night. This gorgeous patty placed on a fresh sesame seed bun, with fresh home made mayonnaise and basil dressing, caramalised onions, avo and asiago cheese with a side of sweet potato fries.

This combination took my tastebuds on an epic sweet, salty, out of this world taste safari!It was everything that I hoped it would be, fresh, juicy, salted just enough with the contrast of the caramalised oinions and yummy mayonnaise and pesto dressing! Teh jack Daniels added a lovely smokey rich flavour to the patty.

TRE Restaurant is situated in Victoria Street & Libri Lane ,Somerset West. It brings a steampunk, Sherlock Holmes inspired wonderland to Somerset -West , all the while catering to a wide variety of diets from vegan, vegetarian all the way to paleo and banting!The team at TRE also pride themselves in making most of their products form scratch. At their restaurant you will be able to get home made tomato sauce, jams, cordials, caramel syrup and Jack Daniels Meringue ice cream to name but a few!

My boyfriend went for one of the most unique burgers I’ve ever seen. The Classic from Rack and Grill, a local food truck owned by two of the coolest, most down to earth guys, I’ve met in a long time, Bo and Mo! Their food truck can be found at the Kenilworth race track, oval market and Rondebosch Park run market, they are also available for events and parties!Plus they are completely halaal!Back to the burger! This perfect truly capetonian masterpiece is a beautiful beef patty placed on a sesame seed bun, with gorgeous cheese topped with a gorgeous, taste sensation of a samoosa!All with a lovely side of fresh fries!This is one gorgeous burger that I will definitely be eating again!

Choosing the burgers were no mean feet, because the choices were really endless, with tempting goods from famous Mondial, Blasters, the famous Lunchworks sliders , sticky BBQ and huge burgers form Fat Harry’s, we really had a difficult time deciding, but we were more than happy with our choices, but would have loved to have a burger from every single vendor!

Our drinks of choice for the day were gin and tonic, but not just any gin,The Woodstock Gin Co, gin!This is some seiously gorgeous, handcrafted premium distilled gin. The company has three different types of gin, and we tasted them all.The three are Inception Wine based, Inception beer based ad HIgh Tea. High Tea was my favourite.

Inception, as the name alludes to, their flagship gin. ”It symbolizes our desire to create truly amazing gin with South African flair. Great care is taken to ensure that the quality of our ingredients is of the highest standard.

Our water is collected from the Albion spring in Newlands, Cape Town, which we believe releases more flavor, as there are no chemicals to alter the taste. Inception is made from either a beer or wine base, each of which each brings through a unique flavour that complements our unique botanical recipe. Both are double distilled and during the second distillation are infused with our well balanced mix of botanicals.” _ The Woodstck Gin Company.
The gin is made out of a mix of 11 botanicals which includes, juniper berries, cardomon and rooibos just to naem a few. The gin is enjoyed best with some fresh citrus flovours, such as lime or orange, but the best pairings are purely dependant on the type of gin your having!

You can visit the distillery at Unit G6, Salt Circle Arcade, Kent Road, Woodstock next to Beerguavara and have a tasting and a couple of drinks!Also see their website for stockists at The Woodstock Gin

the festival was obviously the place to ask the pro’s what makes the perfect burger! Teh one answer I got form everyone was, ou neeed good quality ingredienst to make a good quality product!So there you have it! You get out, what you put in!

All in all the festival was a lovely experience,it was well organised, with great live entertainment, passionate vendors and a great vibe!

Thank you Falvourful Events for a great day!

– Crisna

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