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How to style the perfect coffee table

In many of our homes the coffee table is the center of attention in our living rooms.It’s there for comfort and a cute, nice place to pretty things on.Unfortunately some of our coffee tables are a little less Instagram worthy than others. Today,I’ll give you some of my tips on how to take your coffee table from the place for drinks , keys and discarded snack plates to something that you’ll love!

I believe that  your coffee table should reflect your personal style, taste and interest. It’s an area  where you entertain guests and it’s nice to have objects and books on the table to reflect your interests.

As an example I will take this lovely faux bamboo and brass coffee table from Chairish is an amazing online antique furniture and homeware store, which has the most amazing collection of coffee tables, that I have ever seen, not to mention all the other beautiful items that they have!
Faux Bamboo Brass Coffee Table

Here are my top 5 coffee table must-haves!


Noting is worse than having ugly dark water rings on your teak table or marble top. So prevent any unnecessary  awkward glances and resentful feelings over ruined antiques and invest in some good old coasters. Their is so many different styles to choose form that  they definitely don’t have to be your grans’ old cork coasters! I love anything metallic ! That’s why I absolutely love agate coasters with a gold rim. I love the interesting colours and textures that  they bring to my coffee table. Plus they’re easy to clean and last a lifetime!

2. Coffee table books.

There is nothing more lovely than a great coffee table book. It’s interesting, enriching and just oh-so pretty. as I mentioned earlier, get titles that inspire and intrigue you. Get books that reflect your interests and what makes you tick. After all , It’s you that ‘s going to lay on your couch on a Sunday afternoon and page through them, so they must fit your taste. Don’t just buy them for their pretty covers, even though it’s very tempting, I know!

3.Fresh Flowers.

Nothing says home quite like fresh flowers, me being a florist knows that so well. I  love having flowers in my home. It adds colour , freshness and instant personality and warmth to any room . It’s always a lovely touch and a little treat to yourself! I always place my favorite blooms in either a variety of glass and metallic vases or one large vase. Play around with flowers and containers. It’s lovely to work with a live product and explore your own creativity. If live fresh cut flowers is too much of a hassle, you can always get a lovely pot plant. I love cacti and orchids! So, I alternate between fresh flowers and potted plants.

4. Candles

I love the ambience that candles bring to a room. It’s lovely to have some cocktails with dimmed lights and a few candles burning! I prefer using candles with very faint to mild smell, as too not overpower the room or impose on your guests. It’s also a lovely to light some candles and  unwind in your space when you’re alone.

5. Magazines

I love to keep new copies of my favourite magazines and ,monthly’s on my coffee table. It’s there for my and my guests entertainment and again it adds that personal touch to your room, by saying a little about yourself!


What I love to do is place some of the items on a tray and the others next to it.I love the use of a tray , as it makes moving the items around to make space for snack plates and food. When it’s a double layered coffee table like the one I’m using, I always put a one of my object collections underneath with some more coffee table books.

I hope I could inspire you and give you some usable tips and beautifying your coffee table! If you have any tips that you would like to share,let me know! I would love to hear from you!





7 thoughts on “How to style the perfect coffee table

  1. What I mean is, a book about religion says something to would be visitors. Likewise, a book about sex also leaves a message, even if it is an interest.


    • Hi, Pam!

      Thank you, so much for your comments! I believe that home decor should be a reflection of the personalities of the people who live in the home. How those people decide to express their personalities is up to them. I do it, by decorating my home with pictures of my life. Art that I like, vintage pieces that I’ve collected and books that I love. Whatever you put in your home does send a message as it’s your sanctuary, where you’re at your most comfortable.How people interpret what you put in your house is up to them, but it’s your space. If you like something put it where you want it! It’s all up to you as an individual!

      Happy decorating!


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