Short chef Skinny chef

This weekend one of the best foodie events to hit Cape Town every year is happening, The Good Food and Wine Show is running between 27 to 29th May at the CTICC. It’s the premier food and Wine show with great food stalls from Cape Town’s best restaurants and impeccable wines and beer from the winelands and coast. This years GFWS promises to deliver something new!

The new Good Food and Wine Show launches in Cape Town. It’s Africa’s largest culinary event, and it launches with the theme Fresh. It’s all about the prevailing global obsession with sustainability and a healthier planet, and it’s inspired by the global trend for urban farming and the gradual urbanisation of rural contexts.

This, the golden thread throughout the Cape Town show, is expressed through innovative culinary experiences, a variety of themes and programmes, and our selection of chefs.


With that said, and all the attractions that awaits there’s one dynamic chef pairing that I look forward to seeing most Short Chef Skinny Chef 

The gorgeous duo is made out of two gorgeous ladies! Short chef, Siphokazi, known as Sipho and Skinny chef, Claire!
Sipho is a lady of determination and talent, she has a fountain of knowledge and love for cooking. The talented lady worked as a domestic worker for the past 15 years and since 2014, simultaneously worked for Pick and Pay as well as represented Royco.She has written a cookbook, My little Black recipe Book and is working on her own cooking show.
Claire Allen, dismissed the aged old myth, “That you can never trust a skinny chef” when she entered Masterchef South Africa. Claire, lives by the quote “my life is a constant battle between my love for food and wanting abs”!. Her cooking style is all about being homely, flavoursome and balanced, offering tips and tricks to make every meal just that little more delicious. Her earliest memories are cooking with her gran and watching cooking shows and recreating the recipes. Claire, believes that cooking and enjoying your food is about balance and she tries to showcase that in her solo demos and food philosophy. Claire’s personal brand is The Foodie In Love which encompass solo demos, blogging and a newly launched You Tube series
Claire ad Sipho met on Masterchef where they were roommates at boot camp that  where they soon became friends and the concept of Short Chef Skinny Chef was born. Sipho explains that the show is unique , ” it’s all about having fun, but at the same time teaching and giving tips and learning from the audience. It’s not all about us.”
The ladies will be at the  GFWS at between the 27th May to 29th May at the following times: 27 May, from 11:30 to 19:30 , 28 May  from 11:30 to 20:30 and 29th May 10:30 to 17:30 ! They will be serving up delicious meal like, Chocolate Coffee Whiskey Brownie, a Rice Pudding Creme Brulee and some homemade bread to mention a few! Click the link to see their full schedule Short Chef Skinny Chef Schedule.
I was lucky enough to post a few questions to Claire Allen, to learn a bit more about the person, behind the brand.

1.What is the first recipe that you learnt to cook and how old were you?

I must have been around 6 or 7 and it was a potato bake. I am up for the challenge but I think I make the best in the business.

2.What is your number one indulgence food?

Potatoes, ha ha, I really love chips. And mash and potato bake! I love the comfort feelings around carbs and have on many accounts come home after a stressful day and made a baked potatoe with butter and enjoyed it on the couch with a glass of a wine and my favourite TV. show.

3.You are a very beautiful woman, who cooks, yet still maintain a healthy weight. How do you strike a balance between healthy and unhealthy food in the way you cook?
4.What do you eat in a normal day.

Lemon water to start, then toast or a green juice and fruit. For lunch it’s leftovers from dinner this night before or a salad, Dinners vary. I’m single so if I’m not at a dinner party or restaurant I probably cheating with pizza on the couch. But there are times that I make soup or whip up something tasty.

5.What are some of the essential cooking utensils that everyone should have in their kitchen.

My top 3 utensils are my Global chefs knife, my good quality olive wooden spoon and a good quality pot or pan, I’m very lucky to be sponsored by ScanPan, Investing in good cooking equipment is so important.

6.What are the cooking ingredients that you cannot live without?

Garlic, lemon and butter.

7.What is your favourite recipe to make?

I love making stew and dumplings.

8. Sweet, salty or spicy?

Salty wins, hands down!

9. What according to you are three recipes that everyone should be able to cook by the time that they’re 25?

You need to know how to make a whole roast chicken with all the sides, as well as a pot of soup and a decadent chocolate cake. I could live off that menu !

The pics are from a recipe  Skinny Chef, Claire Allen wrote,it’s a left over steak sandwich , using some of Short Chef Skinny Chefs, amazing preservative free hot sauce! The bottle is already empty!!! It was amazing!



I’m so excited to see these girls in action this weekend!I hope to see some of you down at the CCITC enjoying the cooking delights of Short Chef Skinny Chef!

Tickets are available at Computicket: Click the link below to book yours:

Computicket The Good Food and Wine Show, Cape Town




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