Nunkilief, is the combination of two words. Nunki, the name of my bunny child and lief, meaning love in  Afrikaans. Just like my blog’s name is a combination of things I hold dear, I hope my blog  will be a representation of my life and loves.

As a twenty- something South African , candidate attorney,living in Cape Town, I often struggle to find  my place in the world.  Having a ‘split personality’,doesn’t make this easy. One living in the fantastic fashiony,  la-la land  dream world and the other the stark realist of a struggling law graduate. I seem to be at odds with myself most of the time.I grew up in a small town of Hopefield in the Western Cape. This little gem which still has dirt roads, only one clothing shop, food store and petrol station was the haven where I grew up in. From my  introduction to fashion, oh-so-cute  Barbie playsuites , grannies’ pearls,fabulous homemade sweaters,  Sarie and Huisgenoot fashion editorials . I found this idea of being a girl in bright colors and gorgeous jewelry to be quiet intoxicating. As the years passed our local library added Vogue and Bazaar magazines to its mix and match inventory. Almost religiously I waited each month for them, to read and dream about what I saw in those pages. Once the magazines reached their end, I bought them for R2 from the library and started my collection at home.To blow life into my youthful ideas, I used my grannie’s old sewing machine to make my first dress for a university dance and I dare say I’ve never looked back since.

Magazines, and cable TV introduced me to the fantastic world of high end fashion , beauty, design , decor and travel,all the lovely temptations of a teenage girl, I drank them in like cheap red wine on a hot summer night and so my never ending teenage crush developed into a full-blown passionate love affair, that I hope for once would have a gloriously happy ending and no tragic suicides.The inspiration that we draw from fashion is evident in our daily lives, we use it to express our creativity, personality mood and for some just their bank balance. The great thing is that fashion is a transforming medium, we can shape ourselves literally, through spanks and other nifty gadgets , and figuratively ,into anything we want to be. Everyone has style in his or her own way and it is often those of us who are lease inclined to wear Chanel and Laboutin who are truly stylish. I want to share my take of fashion with you and show that the clothes don’t necessarily make the man, but it sure makes life a whole lot more fun if we live out the fantasies we have through the clothes on our backs.

In addition to my first love, I have a harem of flirtations which I find equally and maybe sometimes even more pleasing than fashion. Decor, food,anything and everything wedding related, travel and animals are all  ingredients that make my my taste buds tingle in the cake that is my life. This together with the icing that is my mother tongue ,Afrikaans. These are the things that make  me thankful to have the ability to create and live in the environment of my choosing. To look the way I look. To sound and speak my language to see the many people that we have on this earth to fill my belly with the deliciousness of a meal prepared with love and to share all of this with the people around me is what makes me smile and makes me be.

I may not know what awaits me next, but I sincerely hope that it’s something extraordinary. I just hope I can make my way getting there a little bit prettier everyday, even just dong that, might be enough for now.

-Crisna Coetzee
“Proud mom of four year old Nunki, a mixed bread bunny with an appetite for magazines,leather shoes and wicker baskets. Also law graduate, avid fashion addict and food junky.”

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog! Quality photo’s – and a very good eye for detail and composition. I like your DIY projects a lot – especially the clothing and accessories. Would love to see more of that. You’re very talented. Your outfits are great too. Love it.

    (Ek sal graag die .wordpress wil sien verdwyn in die website address bar. Dis net 180rand ‘n jaar en ek dink dit sal jou “brand” help om nog meer legit te lyk. It’s a small observation van ‘n outsider se perspective. Jy kan dié uithaal wanneer jy moderate.)


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